An Amazon Webstore Solution Provider
Starter Package
A quick start for your e-commerce

  • Rapid deployment
  • Selected template implemented on Webstore
  • Template customized as per logo provided
  • Create up to 5 static content pages
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Advanced Package
Get more out of your Webstore, and fast...

  • Home page and logo designed to your preferences
  • Customized category pages
  • Product upload and mapping
  • Create up to 10 static content pages
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Highly customized solutions
  • Highly customized Webstore
  • Inventory setup (up to 250 products)
  • Custom advanced search feature
  • Dynamic light box product slider on category page
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Heighten your Webstore sales!
Empower your store with our wide range of add-on services that provide additional revenue generating features including increased page performance, bin refinement and customizable navigation logic.
  • Performance enhancement
  • Customized design
  • Highly customized site features
  • Contact/Feedback forms
  • Advanced Search feature
  • Rotating Banners / Image Slider
  • Inventory management
  • Increase traffic
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Fully customized solution to an e-commerce site
Do you have requirements exceeding the packaged solutions?
V Group has the capabilities and expertise to accommodate custom requirements.
  • Custom development
  • Custom features
  • Integration with third party services
  • Advanced SEO
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Take advantage of the Store Support Service provided by V Group granting you additional time to "Sell" on your Webstore. Once your store is launched the following Webstore Support Services are available:
  • Make ongoing enhancements
  • Keep your site fresh and updated
  • SEO enhancements
  • Various additional features
  • Integrations
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Why Mobile E-Commerce?

The number of internet users who access web from smartphones and other mobile devices is growing rapidly, and very soon mobile internet users would overtake desktop and laptop users in terms of web traffic and online shopping. So it's not good for your business to ignore mobile users while developing E-commerce site.

Benefits of Mobile Amazon Webstore

Amazon Webstore has been developed for desktop users. V Group has taken a leap forward to make the Amazon Webstore mobile compatible. As a seller you do not have to set up an additional account to set up a mobile Amazon Webstore. You still continue to control inventory, manage site, secure payments and order processing on Amazon. The buyers continue to have the Amazon trust, thereby causing increase in traffic and sales.

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V Group is an Amazon Webstore Solution Provider that provides e-commerce solutions based on client's objectives and priorities. Our value adds is through seamless Webstore implementation with exquisite features, functionalities and Webstore design. V Group has a strong expertise in creating and enabling e-commerce websites on Amazon's Webstore. Take benefit of our out-of-the box available design templates for a faster turn-around at extremely low cost.

Our operations in NJ and India give you the best of both worlds; personal attention and cost effective solutions. With more than 250 Webstores implemented; several for Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, we are the solution provider of choice. We offer you a wide range of web solutions that are perfect for your organization's presence on Amazon's platform.