Customer Testimonials can be shown on your website with the help of the extension. You can add multiple testimonials to your website there is no limmit for testimonial. You can change display setting from admin section, it can be slider or grid for showing testimonial.

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Product Description

  1. Add Multiple Testimonial: Unlimited testimonial can be added/edit/delete from admin section.
  2. Import/Export Testimonials: You can Import testimonials using CSV to your system and export testimonials present in your system to CSV.
  3. List Testimonials : All the testimonials added from backend will be list on front end (website) showing details provided at back end.
  4. View Testimonial: User can view all the details of the particular testimonials front the view testimonials page if it contains more content.
  5. Display Setting: You can set display type slider or grid for front end from System > Configuration > General > Testimonial, by selecting display type input.

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How To Use

  1. After login to the Admin Panel go to Testimonials > Manage Testimonials.
  2. You can add/edit/delete testimonials from here.
  3. You can also import testimonials using CSV to the system from Import Testimonials section.
  4. You can also export testimonials using CSV to the system from Export Testimonials section.
  5. Link front end to the testimonails by adding {Your Store Url}/testimonials link to your website.
  6. Change diplay setting for front end from System > Configuration > General > Testimonials, if you want.