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This extension is those who wants to show there physical stores on their website. Multiple stores can be added from admin section and can be list on website. There is no limit of stores you added from admin section all the stores added from admin section will be list on the website and buyer can see every details at front end provided by admin.

SKU: vg_storelocator

Product Description

  1. Add Multiple Stores: Unlimited stores can be added from admin section with Address, Contact Details and Description.
  2. Import/Export Stores: You can Import stores using CSV to your system and export stores present in your system to CSV.
  3. List Stores: All the stores added from backend will be list on front end (website) showing details provided at back end.
  4. Filter Stores: User can filter stores on listing page on the basis of “Store Name”,¬† “Addresss” & “Radius” .
  5. View Store: User can view all the details of the particular store front the view store page with the google map.
  6. Direction: User can find the direction on map from anywhere to the store with the help of google map on store view page.

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How To Use

  1. After login to the Admin Panel go to System > Configuration > Store Locator > and provide API key
  2. After login to the Admin Panel go to Store Locator > Manage Store.
  3. You can add/edit/delete stores from here.
  4. You can also import stores using CSV to the system from Import Stores section.
  5. Link front end to the store locator by adding {Your Store Url}/storelocator link to your website.