Annual Support

Take advantage of the Store Support Service provided by V Group granting you additional time to “Sell” on your website.

Once your site is launched the following Support Services are available:

  • Site Look and Feel Maintenance
  • Assisting with Product Uploads
  • SEO Enhancements
  • Merchandising Assistance
  • Integrations
  • Various Additional Features


Annual Support Services:
  • Charges: $3,500 per annum payable in advance. Payment can be made at
  • Hours available: 120 hrs of service
  • Additional hours: Charges for work beyond available hours: $50/hr
  • Contract Term: 1 Year from start of service
  • Balance hours: Balance hours are not carried forward beyond the Term

Support Help Lines:
  • Quick response: Available via email or directly by phone
  • Phone: Toll free no. 1-866-388-7785 x118
  • Email: Support requests to be sent to
  • Request summary: We will send you a confirmation email including details of your maintenance request and an estimated time of completion.
  • Updates: You will be informed about used hours upon completion of requested changes

Store Support Services

Website design
  • Customized Web Design (Hard code)
  • Logo Design
  • Ad Banner
  • Website Redesign
  • Customized Category page design
  • Customized Content page design
  • Flash/jQuery Animation
Inventory Management
  • Product Upload (Inventory creation)
  • Product Category Mapping
  • Product-Accessory relationship
Performance Enhancement
  • SEO
Store Features
  • Product sizing on category page
  • Dynamic Product Slider
  • Contact us, Feedback and other Forms (Forms hosted on external server)
  • Drop down menu
  • Provide download link for Product or brand specific files (pdf or other)
  • Advanced Search based on Price range, Size range, Brand, Category
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