Cart Abandon Recovery & Tracking System (CARTS) – Give Power To Your Shopify Store!

Cart Abandon Recovery & Tracking System (CARTS) – Give Power To Your Shopify Store!

Cart Abandon Recovery & Tracking System (CARTS) – Give Power To Your Shopify Store!

What is CARTS?

Cart Abandon Recovery & Tracking System (CARTS) is an application developed by V Group Inc. for Shopify platform. The CARTS application helps online sellers to view all lost carts, send emails to the customers with a purchase link to have them complete the checkout process and thereby the otherwise lost revenue is recovered.

Why do you need CARTS?

According to the researches, approximately 70% of e-commerce carts are abandoned and a huge revenue is lost. Visitors come to the ecommerce site, add products to their shopping cart but they do not complete the purchase for some reason.

How much would your revenue increase if you were capturing those sales instead of losing them?

For example, if your current online sale is $20,000/month and you lose about 15% of online sales due to cart abandonment, then you could recover approximately $36,000 of the lost revenue in a year.

Why do Customers abandon cart on online stores?

Shopping cart abandonment is a serious issue. According to ecommerce experts following are some of the key reasons that lead to an abandoned cart:

1.Unexpected fees and charges:

Almost 50% of the buyers leave their cart without completing their purchase because of unexpected add-on charges on product/ service. You’re likely to have experienced this before. Let’s just say that you find a product on the site and click “Add to Cart” and just when you decided to checkout, you’re presented with additional fees and charges that weren’t clearly listed on the original product page.

2.Website Related Problems (Crash/slow):

There are many online retailers who host their websites on low performance servers, or their sites have serious coding errors that eventually results in high page load times, or the site crashes frequently. Usually the low performance servers cannot handle high traffic load.

3.Complicated Checkout Process:

Long and complicated checkout process can be confusing and frustrating.

4.Product Price in different currency:

Most online retailers/ stores nowadays accept international orders, if the price in another currency is not properly reflected on the site; the customer is very likely to have concerns for making payments in a different currency.

How to reduce “Shopping Cart Abandonment”?

The CARTS* application helps you in a big way to recover lost revenue. Listed here are some of the key features that make CARTS stand out from other applications:

    *Manages Your Website Customers

    *Tracks Cart Abandon Data

    *Easy to Customize Email Templates

    *Ability to Schedule & Monitor Email Campaigns

    *Tracks Recovered Revenue

    *Visual Reporting and Analysis

    *Dynamic Discount Codes

    *Upsell/Cross-Sell Feature in the Email Templates

For more details, visit:

*Presently developed for Shopify and Magento platforms.


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