How Can You Manage Your Shopify Store?

How Can You Manage Your Shopify Store?

How Can You Manage Your Shopify Store?

Managing or updating online store products manually can be complicated and time consuming on Shopify store. Our Shopify app “Product Partial Update” helps sellers to update the attributes of their products through CSV file.

How it works:

Step 1:

With the Product Partial Update App, Shopify store sellers can select the information/ fields that they need to update and download it as a CSV file.


After making all required changes in the file, seller can easily upload the same file using Product Partial Update App to update multiple product attributes. This reduces manual effort to update products in bulk.


It also has the feature to update products images and weight of existing products. It’s easy to use interface provides a great experience to update the products and also saves time to perform such a critical task.

It’s Advantages:

  • Simple and clear interface to update products.
  • Saves time in updating attributes of each product.
  • The feature to export selected attributes reduces the file size of the product feed file.
  • Helps to add images to the existing products and map them with the variants.


V Group takes pride in developing value-added Shopify Apps at low cost. Free trial period is also offered to have the sellers better understand the features.

Get Product Partial Update Shopify App from


This app provides three features to update the products easily:

*Export all Products:

Use this feature to export all products with selected attributes. You can select the product attributes by clicking on the checkboxes or export all attributes simply by checking the ‘Select all’ checkbox.

*Export Selected Products:

Use this feature if you wish to update the attributes of selected products. You can select the products from the list to export that can be searched by SKU#, Title, Handle or Vendor. Selected products can be seen at the selected products section with the option to remove them.

*Update Products:

Use this feature if you already have the product feed file ready to upload. Upon upload, the app validates the values in the fields and notifies if there are any invalid or blank records in the file before proceeding to update the product attributes.

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