Importance of Magento Extensions in Ecommerce Store Development

Importance of Magento Extensions in Ecommerce Store Development

Importance of Magento Extensions in Ecommerce Store Development

Most of the store sellers prefer Magento as a platform because it is open source, has customized features, availability of value-added extensions, SEO & Mobile friendly with many more functions.

If you have your own independent ecommerce store on Magento, then you might need some important ecommerce extensions. While searching and finding the right ecommerce extensions for your store might be difficult at times, V Group has come up with a list of most effective Magento extensions that can help you to enhance the functionality of your ecommerce store, and help your business stand out from your competitors.

These extensions add more value to your store in terms of business and increase in sales. Also these extensions are time saving and cost effective. It enhances the features and functionalities of the Ecommerce website. Hence, Magento Extensions are becoming a perfect E-commerce solution and a choice of millions.

When do you needs Magento extensions and why?

The first thing that you need to understand is which extensions would help you meet your business needs and what you can achieve from it. You would need manageable and user-friendly modules that can help you manage the backend and frontend of your e-store. Mostly sellers prefer product management, customer management, and customer reviews and event related extensions.

Save Development Cost

Magento is most popular platform in eCommerce industry because of its features, extensions and customization options. With cost and time effectiveness, Magento brings the possibility of profiting immensely from online E-commerce stores.

Magento Extensions takes care of all crucial parts of your ecommerce store such as site management, promotions, events & news announcement, product browsing and other related activities.

Extensions developed by Magento Developers help to increase the effectiveness on your website

  • It improves and optimizes your store
  • Saves your revenue losses & guides you with business tips
  • Customizes the layout of your website in your own way
  • Notify & handle customer opinions about products
  • Improve store visibility with improved UI/UX design

The Most Useful Extensions

  1. ReviewCaddy: This useful extension integrates with Magento store and help sellers to manage and display customer reviews on their site.

    With this extension you can collect, moderate and promote customer reviews on multiple social media platform. The extension also sends reminder email to customers automatically to write reviews, for more details visit

  2. Store Locator: Using this extension customer easily finds the location of physical stores/ dealers from the website. Sellers can add multiple physical stores and upload them in bulk. The extension automatically creates the geo-coordinates of the store and displays it on the Google map.
  3. Preview Publish: This extension helps users to make updates to the Themes files, CMS Pages and CMS Blocks directly from the Magento dashboard. It has a unique feature of online theme editor that makes it easy for the user to make updates. User can Preview the changes before publishing it live and can also roll back their published changes made in the Themes files, CMS Pages, and Blocks.
  4. News: This extension helps to display events/ news / announcements on the website. You can also implement this extension on any webpage and on any area of the site. It supports multi-store functionality.

    Sellers can add, update, import and export the news content from the dashboard.

  5. Testimonial: Testimonial extension helps sellers to organize and display custom testimonials on their Magento sites.

Magento Extensions by V Group (1x and 2x) are listed here:

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