What’s Your Strategy to Encourage Your Buyers for Bulk Purchase?

What’s Your Strategy to Encourage Your Buyers for Bulk Purchase?

What’s Your Strategy to Encourage Your Buyers for Bulk Purchase?

Offering discounts on your online store is a powerful weapon to drive high number of customers to make a purchase, whenever you alter the sales price of your goods and services, it’s important to understand how this will affect your profit margins and sales targets. To successfully run a sale without making a loss, you should know your gross margin, mark-ups and break-even figures and how the discounted price will affect your profits.

In order to do this smart calculation for you, one of the most popular app is Progressive Discount; this helps you in your discount strategy planning. Progressive Discount gives you an ability to offer discounts based on quantity of products purchased by your customers.

It’s easy to use interface gives you flexibility in managing the tier wise products discount to help you in generating more revenue by offering discount on purchasing more quantity of the products.

Let’s find out how this Shopify App works for you,

1.Easily create product quantity tier and discounts associated with each tier.

2.Create discounts on Collections, products or product variants and apply discount rules in as Amount off or Percentage off.

3.Create tiered discounts for bulk items through the app interface as well as the CSV upload.

4.Schedule the discounts for a specific time period.

5.Select from prebuilt layouts to display Quantity-Price Tiers and customize them as per your store theme.

6.Generates customer specific dynamic discount codes on every checkout process.

You can now motivate your customers to purchase more by running discount campaign with our well develop tool “Progressive Discount” and get surety of increased revenue.

Get this application here with free trial: https://apps.shopify.com/tiered-pricing-1

Contact V Group for more details: https://webstore.vgroup.net/contact-us

Here are some attractive features you get with this app,

• Setup quantity and related discount tiers on product, collection and variants

• Save Time by using bulk upload

• Customizable tier display

• No setup or installation fees

• No variant duplicates

• Show your customer how much they’re saving!

• Supports all 10 free Shopify themes (Narrative, Debut, Jumpstart, Venture, Boundless, Simple, Brooklyn, Pop, Supply, Minimal)

• End to end support service

Progressive Discount is one of the most effective and easy medium to showcase your product and give long term effects on your brand awareness. It helps you in,

• Brand improvement/ Increase the visibility of your products

• Retain existing customers

• Get new customers

• Build stronger relationship with your customers

• Achieve critical sales targets

• Clear excess or old stock

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