Why Customer Feedback is Important?

Why Customer Feedback is Important?

Why Customer Feedback is Important?

According to market news, in 2018 ecommerce market shares are expected to increase by 11.9% (as a percentage of total retail sales). Ecommerce companies put efforts and give their best to gain loyal customers.

While running your business it’s important to maintain customer-relationship, satisfy their needs and to keep them loyal to your brand. But you need to make sure that your efforts bring out desired results! Try to find out what exactly your customers think about your brand and their experience about your online products. Their opinion about your service, products and your online store. It is very helpful and important so that you can use those reviews and opinions to adjust your business to fit their needs more accurately.

Now how do you know if your strategies are working? How do you know if your customers are happy with their experiences on your store? What do they like and dislike about your products and services? How do you keep up with their demands and needs?

Our best-selling app ReviewCaddy is a perfect solution to that; it helps sellers to collect reviews of the customer in a rich and interactive way on their purchased product. It’s a powerful tool enriched with features that help sellers to listen to their customer’s voice and make updates on the product pages.

ReviewCaddy App helps you to increase your loyal and returning customers so that your revenue increases consistently. ReviewCaddy has the unique features for store owners and gives ability to buyers to post reviews, rate products on the website, and share it on social media, this helps store owners understand a customer’s perception regarding a product/ brand and enhance their online store according to it. This app is available for all platforms. For product information, email on: webstore@vgroupinc.com

Here are the top 6 reasons to have ReviewCaddy app for your online business,

1. Reviewer Badges (Verified buyer, Verified user, Anonymous user)

ReviewCaddy displays Reviewer Badges with each review, indicating whether the review is provided by a verified buyer, verified user, or anonymous user. The application also provides the ability to a seller to block non-verified users from writing reviews.

2. Review Import/Export

ReviewCaddy provides you with the ability to Import reviews from different e-commerce sites and other sources, as well as a unique feature that allows you to export reviews.

3. Unlimited Reviews

Unlike other Review Applications, in ReviewCaddy you have unlimited number of reviews and page views.

4. Review Reminder Email

The application gives you an ability to schedule emails for your buyers to remind them to write reviews on the products they have purchased from your site.

5. Layout Manager

Layout Manager provides you with the flexibility to change the look and feel of your Review form, Review display, and email templates.

6. Social Sharing

ReviewCaddy allows reviewers to share their opinion about products on their social media pages. This helps in spreading the reviews to a much larger audience, thereby driving more traffic to your site.

Visit ReviewCaddy product page to know more: https://webstore.vgroup.net/reviewcaddy

For Free Trial, click here: http://reviewcaddy.com/RequestTrial

Listening customer’s voice is most important for your business and customer satisfaction. They are the ones who use your products and services on your online store, and thereby they know the best as to what could be improved to make it even more customer friendly. If you fail to meet their expectations they will find other company which that will do it better than you.

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