Worried About GDPR Policy & Its Impact on E-commerce Businesses?

Worried About GDPR Policy & Its Impact on E-commerce Businesses?

Worried About GDPR Policy & Its Impact on E-commerce Businesses?

Most of us are aware of the general GDPR policy which is applicable from 25th May 2018. It’s an updated version of the Data Protection Directive (1998). However, it is essential to know how this policy can impact on e-commerce websites, promotional efforts and which of the platforms are gearing up to the policy changes.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or an established company, GDPR policies apply to all companies that offer products or services to consumers in Europe. In-fact, GDPR compliance isn’t simply for European companies selling products to European customers, it covers any interaction from any part of the world with customers in Europe.

Let’s see how various e-commerce platforms are getting ready for GDPR policy:-

1. Magento: Magento is fully prepared for GDPR as it is one of the most preferred e-commerce platform in the market. It offers excellent store functionalities and advanced features that are working remarkably for different types of online stores.

Magento implements data protection and privacy policy, evaluate products to help customers as well as advise customers to review extensions that are linked to their accounts.

2. Shopify: Shopify is the greatest and well-known e-commerce platform provider which helps you sell products and services on the web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, etc. They too have updated their privacy policy, terms of service, cookie policy, marketing opt-in, and have prepared whitepaper on GDPR.

3.Bigcommerce: Bigcommerce is also ready and compliant with all the EU’s GDPR policy terms. They have also created a “Privacy & Security Group” to ensure it’s easy for customers to know and comply with the GDPR policies.

4. Woocommerce: Woocommerce is a popular e-commerce WordPress plugin which is all geared up for GDPR to help its customers with the new privacy regulations. They also provide information about new rules for the better understanding of their customers.

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