Progressive Discount app

The Progressive Discount app provides the benefit to the Shopify sellers to create and offer tiered discounts to their customers on purchase of items within a quantity range, as well as on the specific quantity of the product. Tiered discounts can be set up for a group of products, collection, specific product and variants.

The Progressive Discount app contributes in a big way to generate more revenue by offering discounts on purchase of more quantities of the products, there by encouraging the customers to purchase items in bulk.

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The Progressive Discount app makes it easy to create and manage tiered discounts.

  • Quantity Range Tiered Discounts

    Quantity Range Tiered Discounts

    Set up tiered discounts for multiple quantity range. Discounted price would apply based on the quantity range set up from the dashboard.

  • Fixed Quantity Discounts

    Fixed Quantity Discounts

    Offer discount on fixed quantity of items and set up tiers for multiple fixed quantity of items. The customer would get the discount on only purchasing the specific quantity of the product.

  • Multiple Discount Types

    Multiple Discount Types

    Offer Amount off and Percentage off for different quantity range of the products. Additionally, you can also offer a Fixed Amount off on quantity breaks.

  • Dynamic Discount Code

    Dynamic Discount Code

    The app generates a dynamic discount code based on the quantity of the items and automatically applies it on the checkout page. Each discount code is customer specific and can only be used once.

  • Show Customers Their Savings

    Show Customers Their Savings

    Show customers the amount they save on buying items in bulk. Display tiered discount table with quantity breaks on the product detail page and their total savings on the cart page.

  • Customizable Discount Layouts

    Customizable Discount Layouts

    Multiple customizable discount layout options available to select from and to display the tiered discount table on the product detail page.

On Demand Custom Solutions

  • Cart Sub-total Discounts

    Cart Sub-total Discounts

    Offer tiered discounts to your customers based on the range of the Cart subtotal that gets automatically applied on the entire cart when the cart sub-total reaches the eligible amount.

  • Offer Gift Cards based on Cart Sub-total

    Offer Gift Cards based on Cart Sub-total

    Offer various amounts of Gift Cards based on the range of the Cart sub-total. When the cart sub-total reaches the eligible amount, the gift card of the predefined amount gets automatically added to the cart.


  • Offer Discount! Boost Sales!

    Offer Discount! Boost Sales!

    Offering discount on purchase of multiple quantities, encourages customers to buy items in bulk. It also encourages the wholesalers to purchase from the store. This eventually increases the sales and generates more revenue.

  • No Duplicate Products!

    No Duplicate Products

    Unlike other apps, the Progressive Discount app does not create duplicate SKUs of the products and variants when tiers are created. Additionally, the app adds minimal line of codes to the theme and it does not affect the site performance.

  • Easy to Use Dashboard

    Easy to Use Dashboard

    The user-friendly interface of the app makes it easy to manage the tiered discounts. The app offers various options to select and customize the layout and the messages to be displayed on the store.

  • 3rd Party Integration Support

    3rd Party Integration Support

    Our expert Support team not only helps to set up the Progressive Discount app, they also make the Progressive Discount app compatible to other 3rd party apps such as Currency converter, Quick view, One click checkout, Sticky Add to Cart, etc.

  • Faster and Excellent Support

    Faster and Excellent Support

    We have a dedicated Support team that has a proven record of quick turn around in assisting our customers in implementing the Progressive Discount app on the Shopify stores. The team also customizes the app to meet the specific needs of our customers.


  • $ 11.99 /month
  • Discount on Quantity Range
  • Discount on Fixed Quantity
  • Multiple Discount Types
  • Customizable Discount Layouts
  • Savings notifications
  • 10-day Free trial
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Clients Speak

  • Ratings

    This app works really well out of the box. I have tried other volume discount apps that haven’t worked well so this is a great find. Plus for a small bit of customisation I needed, the support has been excellent. Thanks

    — ITSWINTERSTORE (January 09, 2019)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I try the feature before making a buying decision?
    Yes. We provide 10-day free trial to use the Progressive Discount app. You can uninstall the app at any time during the trial period at no charge.
  • Is there a limit to access the features under the trial period?
    No. You can access all features with no usage limits during the trial period.
  • Is there a limit to create tiered discount by using this app?
    There is no limit to create discount tiers on the products. And there isn’t any limit on the number of products to create discounts.
  • What are the charges to set up the Progressive Discount app?
    We do not charge for setting up the Progressive Discount app on the Shopify store. Contact us immediately after installing the Progressive Discount app and let us do the implementation for you.
  • How does your Support team work on setting up the Progressive Discount app?
    We create a copy of the published theme and implement the Progressive Discount app in it. The features of the app are tested and verified in the copy of the theme and checkedfor compatibility with other apps on the store. After ensuring that the app is working fine, we request the merchants to review the changes, have them create their own tiers and publish the theme to go live upon their approval.
  • How can I use the Progressive Discount app in my unsupported store theme?
    We provide free installation and support to the stores that have themes that are not included in the list of ’Supported themes’. Contact us immediately at if you receive a ‘Theme not supported’ message on the dashboard while installing the Progressive Discount app.
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