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Preview & Publish is a Magento Extension for Community and Enterprises edition that helps users to make updates to the Themes files, CMS Pages and CMS Blocks directly from the Magento dashboard. It has an online theme editor which makes it easy for the users to update the files. User can Preview the changes before publishing it live and can also roll back their published changes made in the Themes files, CMS Pages, and Blocks.
The extension also has a scheduled publish feature which automatically publishes the files as per selected date and time.

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Product Description


Online Theme Editor:

    1. Magento Community edition does not offer online editor in admin panel to edit the Theme files, PHTML, CSS, and Images. To edit and make changes, user has to depend on external editor and then commit their changes from local machine to the server. But Preview & Publish extension has an inbuilt Online Theme Editor that helps users to directly make changes from the Magento dashboard without relying upon external editors. User can Add, Update and Delete the files directly through this module. It supports all file types such as .phtml, .css, .js, .scss, .png etc. which are used in the theme.

CMS Pages and Block – Staging/Preview:

    1. This helps users to see the preview of the edits made before publishing them live. Changes in CMS pages and Block are first saved in the preview mode (staging), and user can check the site in Preview, and publish the changes to the live site. The extension also has a Load Live site data/Load Preview site data feature on Edit CMS and Block pages through which user can switch between the live site data and the Preview site data.

Preview Sites:

    1. Users can click on a site from the ‘Preview Sites’ top navigation menu and view it in Preview mode.


    1. Users can publish the changes made in the theme files, CMS pages and CMS blocks to have them appear on live site by using this feature. Users can publish changes manually or by scheduling a publish. In the scheduled publish feature, users can select the date and time, and the changes will be automatically published to the live site.

Roll back:

  1. This extension has a feature to roll back the site changes prior to the last published data.

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How To Use

Steps to use Preview feature in CMS pages/Blocks:

  1. Log in to the Store admin panel.
  2. Go to CMS.
  3. Click on Pages.
  4. Click on the desired page.
  5. Make changes to the page.
  6. Click on Save Preview.
  7. Select store name from the Preview dropdown (applies to Magento account that has multiple sites).
  8. The Preview site appears in a new tab. You would see a strip on the top with a link to switch to live site.

Steps to publish the CMS Pages & Static blocks:

  1. Log in to the Store admin panel.
  2. Go to CMS.
  3. Click on Pages/ Static blocks.
  4. Click on a page/block.
  5. Make changes in the page/block.
  6. Click on Publish.

Steps to use Preview feature for Themes

  1. Log in to the Store admin panel.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Click on Online Theme Editor.
  4. Select the store from the dropdown (applies to sites that have multiple stores)
  5. You would see Design & Layout and Merchandising Files section.
  6. Click on ‘Edit Files’ button that appears under Design & Layout/Merchandising Files section.
  7. Select the file from the left navigation.
  8. Make changes in the file using online theme editor.
  9. Click on Save File.
  10. Select store name from the Preview dropdown.
  11. Click on Preview Store.

Steps to publish the changes to live site:

  1. Log in to Magento admin panel.
  2. Make changes in the theme, page or block files.
  3. Go to System.
  4. Click on Publish.
  5. Make selections for Theme, CMS Page or CMS Block as necessary.
  6. Select date and time for scheduled publish only.
  7. Click on Publish button.

Steps to roll back the last published changes from the live site:

  1. Log in to Magento admin panel.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Click on Rollback Publish.
  4. Select the checkbox for Theme, CMS Page or CMS Block as necessary.
  5. Click on Rollback button.  The extension will roll back to the data prior to the last publish.


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