Improve Sales Conversions Against Checkout Drops With Our Cart Abandonment Recovery & Tracking Solution

Improve Sales Conversions Against Checkout Drops With Our Cart Abandonment Recovery & Tracking Solution

Improve Sales Conversions Against Checkout Drops With Our Cart Abandonment Recovery & Tracking Solution

Cart abandon occurs when customers add items to the cart on a website and close the checkout page without placing the order or leave the checkout page unattended for a long time. The reasons for drops in checkout are plenty, these include the technical glitches, insufficient product information, price, payment failures, hidden charges etc.

One of the most effective techniques to recover such lost sales is through cart abandonment recovery emails campaigns and tracking. CARTS Shopify app comes with a fully-featured Cart Abandonment Recovery mechanism that works automatically, and out of the box.

We have a few tips to help you craft those recovery emails so that you can turn abandoned carts into sales.

Manage your website customers with the help of CARTS: With CARTS, sellers get the ability to view the list of customers who have abandoned the cart, and the customers who have created an account on website. Customer lists can be further used for marketing purposes and to integrate that data with any third-party services.

Track Cart Abandon data: CARTS application provides an interface to view the abandoned cart data, the data is represented in graphical and textual formats. It also has the feature to compare abandon cart data between selected time period.

Easy to Customize Email Templates: With an easy to use interface, the email templates can be quickly created, or the user can select from pre-built templates that can be modified to their specifications. Our easy to use WYSIWYG editor makes it even simpler to create or modify templates.

Schedule Email Campaigns: Sellers can configure email campaigns with various scheduling options. The application can be scheduled to automatically send email campaigns to the predefined customers on a selected date.

Monitor Email Campaigns: Track the performance of the abandoned cart email campaigns. In depth tracking of email campaigns helps sellers to modify campaigns to maximize benefits and eventually improve the revenue recovery rate. Our easy to understand reporting includes details such as the number of emails sent, open rate, click-through rate and the recovered revenue for each campaign.

Visual Reporting and Analysis Tool: The reporting tool of CARTS application uses charts and graphs to represent information in pictorial and illustrative form, thereby allowing better comprehension of the data. Reports include Abandon Cart Reports, Campaign Reports and Revenue Recovery Reports.

Dynamic Discount Code: This unique feature helps create discount codes automatically for different amounts of cart sub-total. The discount codes are user specific and dynamically generated for each checkout, and directly applied to the cart. This prevents misuse of the discount codes that are normally shared with the cart abandoned reminder emails.

Upsell/Cross-Sell: The Upsell/Cross-Sell feature in the cart abandon reminder emails helps sellers to display the Top Selling and Featured Products to the customers. This benefits in promoting other products on the site and eventually causes increase in sales.

Revenue Recovery Tracking: Our recovery tracking tool helps sellers to track the lost and recovered revenue generated through CARTS application. Reports can be generated for the selected time period.

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